Premium Ext JS 5 Theme

Azzurra 5

Azzurra is a visually appealing theme for Ext JS applications inspired by Windows operating system look and feel. It's perfect for multi-window applications and it offers 5 UI colors to differentiate between main application components.

Azzurra 5 theme is developed specifically for Ext JS 5 applications. Choose between precompiled CSS files and Ext JS package with source code which is fully compatible with Sencha Cmd process.

Azzurra offers many advanced features not available in standard Ext JS themes...

Theme Feature

Colored Components

Apply one of 5 predefined UI colors to your widgets to distinguish them from the rest of the application. Different UI colors can be freely combined within the same application.

Theme Feature

Window Highlighting

Active window is highlighed which is great for applications with many windows open at the same time.

Theme Feature

Different Sizes

Predefined Sizes

There are three predefined sizes available. Source code allows tweaking the size of all application components by modifying a single variable.

Theme Feature

Element Color Inheritance


Child widgets receive UI color from parent widgets.

Buttons, grids and tab panels inherit UI color from parent windows.
Grids contained within a panel inherit its UI color.
Grids contained within tab panel inherit its UI color.